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Posting Number: 13182
Area: Haliburton County
Posting Agency: Fleming C.R.E.W. Haliburton
Application Method: All interested applicants may send resume to: Attn Kevin Murphy at

Note: Please Apply for a job only in the manner specified Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position.
Job Type: Sales and service occupations
Student Job: No
Job Title: Activity Person
Job Description: As the beachfront staff, you will report to the Maintenance Manager. Your day will start by checking the inside pool levels and vacuuming the pool. Next, you will straighten the chairs and remove glasses and debris from the front of the Inn. You will then rake the grass and the beach, and after you have finished the outside pool will need to have its levels checked and be vacuumed. Once that is done you will need to clean the Lady Huges boat and make sure it is ready for the 45-minute cruise that day. The next task will be to straighten the canoes and surfboards and once you have done that you will need to make sure the ski boat is ready to use. You will be taking our guests on a safe and fun waterski experience that they will not forget. During the day you will be responsible for making sure the front of the Inn looks presentable & professional. At the end of the day, you will make sure the firepit in front of the Inn has wood and is ready to light.
Number of Positions: 1
Hours per Week: 40.0
Additional Information: Job is: Seasonal Full Time
References Required: No
Void Cheque Required: No
Uniform: No
Job / Location is Wheelchair Accessible: No
Insurance Type: WSIB
Qualifications: An exceptable candidate will need to have the following: 1) Must look and act presentable. 2) Must have good communication skills. 3) Must have a boat license. 4) Must be self-motivated and able to work unsupervised. 5) Must be able to complete physical labor. 6) Drivers license would be an asset.
Status: Active